Thursday, July 8, 2010


Correspondence is the interchange of thought by means of letters.

A large per cent of the world's business is transacted by correspondence, and in these days of rapid transit and cheap transportation friends and relatives become widely scattered and their only means of keeping in touch with one another is through letter writing.

To be able to write a good letter is therefore not only an accomplishment but an important necessity.

It is the opinion of competent judges that a man's habits and qualities as a business man may be fairly estimated from familiarity with his business letters, and his social correspondence is likewise an index to the trend of his thought, and his general character. It is safe to say that the majority do not appreciate the value of the ability to write a good letter.

First in Importance. -- Perhaps the matter of first importance in a letter is the expression of the proper ideas in the proper language.

Next to That an easy, graceful style of writing, with words correctly spelled, and sentences properly punctuated. Improper punctuation often renders the meaning unintelligible or the opposite of what was intended altogether.

Classes of Letters.-- Letters are usually divided into two general classes, Social and Business.

Social Letters are those that grow out of social and personal relations: as, letters of affection, friendship, congratulation, sympathy, introduction, condolence, etc.

Business Letters, as the term implies, are such as are written regarding matters of business of whatever kind.

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