Monday, February 1, 2010

The Practice of Short Selling Sometimes Abused.

That the practice of "short selling", though ordinarily legitimate, is sometimes perverted so as to work an injury to the public is shown by the following extract from a message of Governor Sulzer of New York, sent to the Legislature in January, 1913:

"The subject of so-called 'short sales' is one requiring your serious consideration. A contract to sell property which a man does not own at the time, but with which he can provide himself in time for the performance of his contract, is a general transaction in various branches of business.

"The best views seem to be that short selling in and of itself is not wrongful, but the abuse of this practice works injury to the public.

"Your efforts should therefore be to draw a distinction, so that what will be condemned is the perversion of a legitimate form of business to improper ends."

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